View average guest review ratings & more key insights on each booking

Guest verification.jpg

Do you and your team spend a lot of time clicking on guest profiles to see if they're verified? Wouldn't it be great to see how other hosts have reviewed each guest?

Good news! This information is now shown on each Airbnb booking and request. The insights are colour coded for additional context. Let's hope the majority of your guests are in the green for all 3 insights! Below are a few examples to understand why these insights are beneficial.

A guest with poor reviews

This guest has an average review rating of 2.5 from 4 hosts. Read the reviews to understand if this guest is worth hosting.

poor rating.jpg

A guest who hasn't been verified

This guest has not provided ID to verify their identity. We know many hosts won't allow guests without ID (although Airbnb still allows the guest request to book). not-verified.png

A guest with only 1 review

This guest only has 1 review which may mean they're relatively new to Airbnb and might require a bit of hand-holding verified 1 review.png