Uplisting updates
Uplisting updates

Major upgrade! Cleaning scheduler 2.0.





Manually assign cleaning tasks.

Today we're releasing a significant upgrade to our Automated Cleaning Scheduler. You can now manually assign cleaning tasks to one of your cleaners. Watch this quick video to see the feature in action.

We've already had a great response to this upgrade. Penny who manages hundreds of cleaning tasks over 30+ listings says:

Very much impressed with the cleaning scheduler now that we can allocate cleans and then it doesn't show to other cleaners. There are no questions as to why they have not got that clean. Well done!

Quick intro

Uplisting Cleaning provides a solution to you and your cleaning team to keep track, manage and monitor cleaning events (we call them changeovers). Changeovers are automatically created for each booking, saving you hours.

When to use manual assignment

assign-clean (1).gif

Use this method when you want to assign a specific cleaner to a cleaning task. ​

  • Changeover events are automatically created for each booking on Uplisting
  • Cleaner cannot see or access any changeover until you assign it to them
  • Cleaner is only alerted (via email) to new changeovers they have been assigned to

Additional improvements

  1. You can now see the cleaner who has accepted the task, and each action
  1. You can reset each changeover 'action'. For example, if a cleaner accepts the task but wishes to un-accept, they can do that and the changeover moves back to a pending state.