🤝 Changeovers follow reservations

We fixed a bug where changeovers did not follow reservations which moved from one listing to another. They remained on the original listing.

Changeovers are now cancelled on the original listing and a new changeover is created on the new listing. This means cleaners are notified to the change, which is especially helpful when a different cleaner assigned on each listing.

📬 You've got (Booking.com) mail!

Check your inbox! Booking.com conversations are now in your Uplisting Inbox. Read, reply, star, close and use saved replies.

We're sure this, along with our recent inbox improvements will significantly help optimise your guest messaging operations 🥳. Learn more.


📥 Inbox filters and ordering

We've added filtering and ordering to your inbox. You can filter by type (booking or enquiry) and order by unread, awaiting reply and newest.

You'll notice on the image above you can filter by Booking.com messages. This is a sneak to a new feature coming in the next few days. Keep an eye out!

Filter by message type

Order messages

🛡Uplisting Protect

security-deposit.png One of the biggest challenges with @bookingcom is they don't collect a security deposit for you. That's where Uplisting Protect comes in.

Benefits of automated security deposits

  • Protection against damage and misuse.
  • Guests feel more responsible.
  • The fastest way to collect funds to pay for repairs before your next guest arrives. You are in total control. Read more in our blog post.

The lowdown

  • Easily enable/disable security deposits and set a bespoke amount for each listing.
  • If a guest fails to provide payment you will be alerted via email. This guest won't receive any check-in instructions.
  • You can claim full or partial payment of the deposit if you need to.

Learn more about this powerful feature here.

P.S this feature will work with our upcoming HomeAway/VRBO real-time integration too.

🇸🇪 Support for Swedish krona (SEK)

We added the currency SEK for our Swedish friends.

🧹 Cleaning fee input

You can now add a cleaning fee on each listing which will then display on new direct bookings.

Property settings > Pricing > Taxes & fees

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 15.55.49.png

👩‍💻 Manage enquiries (inquiries) from your Uplisting Inbox

You can now easily pre-approve, decline and respond to enquiries directly from your inbox. Boost Airbnb listing rankings by keeping that response rate under 10 minutes! 🏃‍♂️

💰Direct bookings now include price breakdown

Direct bookings now contain advanced price breakdown, including the nightly price, extra guest charges and 4 new tax inputs.

📆 Bookings remain on iCAL 30 days after checkout

Bookings now remain on Uplisting iCAL's 30 days post-check-out. This is particularly helpful when using services like @GetProperly

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