Uplisting updates
Uplisting updates

New message tags





We've added 3 new message tags which can be used on automated messages, saved replies, automated reviews, eSign rental agreements and custom tags.

The new tags are:




Watch out for another message tag feature coming soon which will allow you to create your own tags which will provide inputs on all your listings and multi-units. We'll explain more soon!

Arrival and departure time message tags





You can now insert pre-agreed guest arrival and departure times on automated messages, saved, replies, custom tags and the eSign rental agreement.

📢 Important update to linked listings





We have released an update to the linked listing feature where unavailability markers now (optionally) create corresponding unavailability markers on linked listings.

Previously unavailability markers were only created due to bookings.

This update is enabled by default. If you prefer you can disable the creation of linked unavailability markers by toggling it off under each listings linked listings settings tab (see screenshot below).

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 13

[NEW] ✍️📃 Automated eSign Rental Agreements





You already automate most guest pre-arrival tasks on Uplisting. You can collect your guest's actual email, verify their identity, collect a security deposit, send automated messages. Now you can automate the final piece in the puzzle, eSign rental agreements.

"WOW. This feature has saved my team hours already. We don't need to send guests to different services, check those services, review against our reservations and chase guests. Everything our guest needs to do is on one page and we can see the status of each task on one page too".

How does it work?

Your guest experience

Your guest can perform all tasks on one unique (mobile friendly) page hosted by Uplisting. There is no need to send links to 3rd party services or figure out if a guest has performed specific tasks. Send your guest one link (automatically) and view the statuses of each job directly on Uplisting.

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 10

Your experience - everything in one place

Once you enable the feature you'll see the status directly on each reservation on Uplisting. You can see the rental agreement is signed in the example below, and you can click to view the signed PDF agreement.


What guest pre-arrival tasks can I automated on Uplisting?

You can automate most, if not all, of your guest pre-arrival tasks on Uplisting.

✅ Collect your guest's actual email address

✅ Verify your guest's identity

✅ Collect (3DS) payment information for a security deposit

✅ Collect eSigned rental agreements from each guest

✅ Set and send smart-lock codes

✅ Send automated guest messages

When you need to chase guests to perform specific tasks, you can use our Saved Reply feature to send personal messages with a couple of clicks.

[Fixed] Guest identity link failures





Depending on the circumstances, guest identity links can fail. The reason is Uplisting caches the link we get from the guest identity service, but this link can be changed.

We released an update earlier today that fixes any guest identity link failures.

Thanks for your patience!

WiFi message tags





You can now use wifi-details in automated messages, saved replies and custom message tags using the new {wifiname} and {wifipassword} message tags.

If you have the wifi details on your Airbnb listing we should have automatically synced those to Uplisting for you.

Go to the `Listing settings > Details > Guest resources' to see your wifi name and password.



🕵️‍♀️ Booking search upgrade





You can now search using the following:

  1. Guest name
  2. Uplisting booking ID
  3. Booking.com booking ID
  4. Airbnb confirmation code


[New] Closed for departure restrictions





You can now set closed for departure restrictions on both a property level (ie. for all dates) and on an individual date level. Very flexible and you can see the individual date setting directly on your calendar.

Closed for arrival syncs instantly to Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo (Homeaway) and your direct booking website.

Mark direct booking as paid





You can now mark direct bookings as paid.

Once marked as paid your guest will see the 'booking confirmation' page rather than a payment page (if they open the link, which you either include in an automated message or send manually).


[NEW] Closed for arrival on a daily basis






We released a big step towards you having greater control when guests can check-in and out.

You can now restrict guests from checking-in on any date - for example, New Year's eve.

Better still, you can do this directly from your Uplisting calendar. Easy! Closed for arrival syncs to Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo (Homeaway) and your direct booking website.

What's next?

Same support for closed for departure (ie. no check-out on this date) Bulk update closed for arrival (CFA) and closed for departure (CFD) so you can block guests from checking in every Friday from June to August for one or more listings at the same time (for example).