Automated management fee calculations. Big time saver!

Happy New Year 🥳! We wish you all the success for the next 12 months and beyond.

Today we're releasing Automated Management Fee Calculations as the first of a few new features to help get 2020 off to the most time saving of starts.

Quick intro

Rather than manually calculate the management fee for each booking, Uplisting will now do this for you, automatically. Watch a quick explainer video here.

Set your management commission fee for accommodation and cleaning (both are optional) on the management fee settings page (takes a few seconds!). Management fees appear on the pricing tab of each booking (image below).


Advanced usage These new management fees are also accessible on your Zapier Zaps, your Uplisting reports and any Uplisting webhooks you have setup.

Set booking lead time for

By very popular demand you can now set booking lead time for on each listing. You can set the lead time in hours for maximum flexibility.

The benefit

For most of you, the main benefit is you can avoid last-minute reservations.

How to

Pretty simple! The guide below shows you how.


Listing filter dropdown now remains open

Small but helpful update. When filtering by listings and tags the dropdown remains open.

This allows you to select multiple listings and tags without the need to reopen the filter each time.


View average guest review ratings & more key insights on each booking

Guest verification.jpg

Do you and your team spend a lot of time clicking on guest profiles to see if they're verified? Wouldn't it be great to see how other hosts have reviewed each guest?

Good news! This information is now shown on each Airbnb booking and request. The insights are colour coded for additional context. Let's hope the majority of your guests are in the green for all 3 insights! Below are a few examples to understand why these insights are beneficial.

A guest with poor reviews

This guest has an average review rating of 2.5 from 4 hosts. Read the reviews to understand if this guest is worth hosting.

poor rating.jpg

A guest who hasn't been verified

This guest has not provided ID to verify their identity. We know many hosts won't allow guests without ID (although Airbnb still allows the guest request to book). not-verified.png

A guest with only 1 review

This guest only has 1 review which may mean they're relatively new to Airbnb and might require a bit of hand-holding verified 1 review.png

🧠 Calendar row button now remembers your selection


Rates and minimum length of stay (MLOS) were shown as default rows for each listing on your calendar. You could select to show/hide those and other rows but on refresh, the rows reset to default.

Now your selection is persisted. You can deselect all rows to only show your bookings and when you refresh that view remains in place.

This was a very popular request so we hope it's helpful!

Add bed type to your Homeaway/VRBO listings


You can now add bed types to your listings which will sync to Homeaway (inc all Homeaway brands, Expedia etc).

Not connected to Homeaway yet?

Learn the benefits of connecting to Homeaway via Uplisting as an official partner.

Show denied Airbnb booking requests in the inbox

We weren't displaying denied Airbnb booking requests on your inbox which meant you may have had an unread message count higher than the visible amount of unread messages. This has now been fixed.

👍👎 Accept & reject Airbnb requests directly from your Inbox


Uplisting now supports accepting, rejecting and responding to Airbnb Request to Book reservations. They appear in your inbox and you can use the Booking Request filter to quickly view all requests.

How do requests work?

Accepting or rejecting a request works the same as if you did it directly on Airbnb. When an accepted request is processed successfully on Airbnb, Uplisting will convert the request to a booking automatically.

Rejected requests are removed from your calendar once we receive a successful notification from Airbnb.

✋ Disable automated messages on a booking


By popular request, you can now disable automated messages on each booking. You will still receive guest messages and can send messages manually.

View & edit min length of stay directly on your calendar

You can now view and edit minimum length of stay (MLOS) for each listing directly on your calendar, very quickly and simply.

MLOS is synced to Airbnb, and Homeaway/VRBO (if using our new API/XML integration). Learn more about setting MLOS on Uplisting here.