Mark direct booking as paid

You can now mark direct bookings as paid.

Once marked as paid your guest will see the 'booking confirmation' page rather than a payment page (if they open the link, which you either include in an automated message or send manually).


[NEW] Closed for arrival on a daily basis


We released a big step towards you having greater control when guests can check-in and out.

You can now restrict guests from checking-in on any date - for example, New Year's eve.

Better still, you can do this directly from your Uplisting calendar. Easy! Closed for arrival syncs to Airbnb,, Vrbo (Homeaway) and your direct booking website.

What's next?

Same support for closed for departure (ie. no check-out on this date) Bulk update closed for arrival (CFA) and closed for departure (CFD) so you can block guests from checking in every Friday from June to August for one or more listings at the same time (for example).

Configure Airbnb standard fees directly in Uplisting

Now you can set additional Airbnb standard fees directly on Uplisting. The new fees Uplisting supports are:

  1. Resort fee
  2. Community fee
  3. Management fee
  4. Linen fee


Set preparation time on Airbnb

You can now set preparation time for Airbnb directly on Uplisting.


Guest payment plans

Who wants more direct bookings? Introducing our latest feature: Guest payment plans.

Guest payment plans allow you to offer flexible payment plans to direct booking guests. Most importantly, guest payment plans = more bookings.

Why you need guest payment plans

1. More bookings

Offering guests a payment plan reduces friction to book. Guests are more inclined to book your property when they only need to pay 50% upfront (for example). When Airbnb rolled out guest payment plans, 40% of guests chose to do so, and opted for higher-value bookings on the whole.

2. More future bookings

According to Airbnb, paying less upfront encourages bookings further in advance. Compared with ordinary bookings, the Pay Less Up Front payment option led to bookings with nearly double the lead time, helping hosts to secure and manage bookings more easily.

3. Save money

Payment rules also reduce your transaction fee burden if a guest needs to cancel. It's cheaper for you to cancel a booking where you only collected 10% as opposed to 100%.

How do guest payment plans work?

Unsurprisingly, it's quite complicated. However, Uplisting does all the hard work for you (as normal!). Watch the video for a complete walkthrough.

Learn more on our Guest Payment Plan guide.

Introducing the Uplisting iOS Mobile App


We are delighted to announce the launch of our Uplisting iOS (Apple) mobile app which allows you to manage all of your guest messages instantly from your phone.

  • ✅ Guest messages from Airbnb, Booking-com, Vrbo and direct bookings
  • ✅ Push notifications in real-time
  • ✅ Saved replies

How to download the app

Search for Uplisting on the Apple app store, or follow this link on your phone

Read more on what the app can do, here.

Bulk update minimum length of stay (MLOS)

You can now bulk update min stay for each day of the week. This is much more flexible and allows you to (for example) update the min stay for Friday and Saturday for 25 listings which will sync automatically to all connected booking sites.


Send different messages to each booking site & much more with Custom Message Tags


Custom message tags are tags you create and can be restricted to one or more booking sites. Custom tags bring us one step closer to fully customisable and flexible automate guest communications.

A few benefits

Custom message tags work for both automated messages and saved replies.

Create different messages for each booking site

Send different messages or snippets within messages to one or more booking sites. For example, you can create a custom message tag such as {bookingcomsecurity_deposit} to only trigger when sending to Booking-com guests.

Add any custom content, long or short.

You can even insert regular message tags (eg. {guestfirstname} in custom tags.

Easily manage message content across multiple listings

You can use the custom tag area to store message content and edit easily. For example, if your 'new booking' message is the same for all listings, rather than editing on each listing, create a {newbookingmessage} custom tag, insert this tag into the new booking message (and select the copy button to copy to all listings). Now if you want to edit the content, you can do so on the custom tag area quickly and easily.

Use for information that may change frequently

Create custom message content for information that may change frequently (eg. house rules, contact phone numbers). Rather than update your automated messages, use a custom tag in all messages then update the custom tag content.

Learn more here.

Recent feature releases and upgrades 💪

We've released a number of smaller features and feature upgrades recently. Here's a rundown.


  • {guest_booking_link}
  • {guest_phone_last_4_digits}
  • {guest_phone_last_5_digits}
  • {guest_phone_last_6_digits}
  • {number_of_guests}
  • {booking_site_name}


If an invited teammate didn't follow the invite link correctly, they ended up creating a regular Uplisting account. This had become a major pain for you and us as we had to manually link the two accounts together.

Now, so long as an invited teammate creates an Uplisting account with their invited email address they will be set up with the correct account role, linked to yours.


  • optionally include cancelled bookings in booking reports
  • cancelled bookings now appear in booking search


Your booking notes are now included in booking reports.


Set max length of stay directly on each listing (under restrictions)


We had a bug which meant guest identity verification didn't always load for the guest. This happened when the guest had already attempted but exited without completing the verification. This no longer happens.

Bookings notes included in reports

Booking notes are now included when you run a booking report. Popular request!