Enquiry auto-responder upgrade


Another feature upgrade…

Your response rate and response time are directly linked to your search ranking on Airbnb. Our Airbnb auto-responder sends a template response to all Airbnb guest enquiries (inquiries), helping to boost your ranking. What's new?

  1. You can now delay the response by up to 60 minutes to allow you to respond manually.
  2. If you do respond manually, the auto-responder will not send.

[beta feature update] View guest identity docs directly on each booking

The first two of a few upgrades coming this week are now live.

  1. Guest verification status shows on the booking summary panel.
  2. The guest identification documents are available to view and download on a new 'Identity Document' tab, if the guests identity has been verified.

We love this feature! It's so simple from a guest perspective and is incredibly valuable to a lot of members.

Up next with this feature is supporting Booking.com, Airbnb and Vrbo (homeaway). Coming very soon…



Last-minute security deposits charged instantly

If a guest is checking in today and has just entered payment details for their security deposit, the deposit is now charged instantly.

This means rather than it taking up to an hour for check-in instructions to send, the check-in message will send within 5 minutes of a successful security deposit payment.


Plum Guide iCAL integration

We now integrate with the wonderful Plum Guide via iCAL. Sync bookings and availability between Uplisting and Plum Guide.

plum guide.png


Terms & conditions link on footer

A link to your terms & conditions is now always shown on the footer if you have added terms.

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 18.42.41.png

Security Deposits for Direct Bookings


You can now enable security deposit collection for direct bookings. If enabled, guests will see the security deposit amount on the pricing widget throughout the direct booking flow.

Discounts syncing to Airbnb

We fixed a bug which meant any discounts you entered and saved did not sync to Airbnb. Setting discounts now syncs to Airbnb.

Weekly and Monthly discounts on Direct Booking Website

Weekly and monthly discounts are now included on your direct booking website and any direct bookings you crate on Uplisting.


Direct Booking Terms & Conditions

You can add terms and conditions which a guest must confirm before they can confirm their reservation.

Guests will see a "I have read and accept the terms and conditions checkbox" just above the 'Confirm Booking' button (shown in the image below). A link to the page is also provided.

This is timestamped as the time of booking (which shows on all bookings on your Uplisting calendar), just in case you need to provide proof for chargebacks/disputes.

Enter your terms here: https://app.uplisting.io/direct/terms


Override security deposits

You can now override security deposit requirements on bookings. This is helpful as Uplisting automatically blocks automated check-in instructions (and other messages) from sending if the security deposit isn't paid (which is normally a good thing), however, sometimes you collect deposits offline, or external to Uplisting.

Overriding security deposits means guests will receive check-in instructions and other messages.

Select the "Mark security deposit as collected or not required" button to override the security deposit requirement on a booking.