Uplisting updates
Uplisting updates

Guests can update their payment (credit card) information





Guests can now update their payment information directly on their Uplisting Guest Booking Confirmation page.

This includes Booking.com bookings where Uplisting processes guest credit card payments for you, bookings that have the security deposit feature enabled, and direct bookings.

If the guest has an outstanding payment such as paying the balance of a slit payment booking or paying for a security deposit, those charges will be attempted immediately by Uplisting. If the charges fail the guest will see an error alert notifying them of the error and cause of the error (eg. insufficient funds on the card).


Check-in and out exports (CSV)





We have released two new booking exports, for check-ins and check-outs. Export check-ins and/or check-outs for the day, week or month for one or more properties to a CSV file.

The file contains all the booking info you should need, including the status of the security deposit, guest ID and eSign Rental agreement.

Take Airbnb deposits in cash or via card. This is BIG!






You can now take security deposits outside of Airbnb and all in line with Airbnb's terms. This is BIG! No more resolution center - you can take control of how, why and when to take payments from your guests if they damage your property or break your house rules.

Learn how, here.

Security deposits for manually created bookings





Security deposits can now be provided for bookings you create manually on the Uplisting calendar.

You don't need to make any changes to enable this if you already collect security deposits for direct website bookings (ie. the Uplisting direct booking engine).

We don't send any guest emails relating to security deposits for manually created bookings as the guest should provide their payment info when paying for the reservation.

12-hour time formats rather than 24 hour





Check-in time, check-out time, arrival time and departure time now use 12-hour format on all guest-facing messaging.

These include:

  • automated messages
  • saved replies
  • automated reviews
  • enquiry/inquiry auto-responder
  • eSign rental agreements

Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 08.43.50.png

Two new booking export (report) variables





Multi-unit name

For those using our multi-unit feature (which is currently in beta), the multi-unit name will now appear on reports.

Direct booking source

You can now add the source to each direct booking (eg. email, phone, extension). The source will be shown on booking exports/reports.

The available booking sources are:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Extension
  • Booking site conversion
  • OpenRent

How to select the booking source

You can select a direct booking source on any manually created booking (ie. created on your calendar) summary tab.

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 10.18.55.png

Custom property attribute tags





Jumping into the weekend with a very helpful feature release. Property specific content you can create yourself and use in automated messages, saved replies, eSign rental agreements and automated reviews.

  1. Create separate eSign rental agreements for every property (if you need to).
  2. Create house rules, parking instructions and much more for automated messages and saved replies.
  3. Have 1 saved reply per common guest question (eg. parking instructions) This is a great feature and will go very well with our upcoming automated message upgrade.

A new knowledge base!





We've released a new knowledge base (support portal). All help links within the Uplisting app now open a guide on the new knowledge base. Our goal is to provide as many helpful guides, images and videos as possible to help you make the most out of Uplisting.

New message tags





We've added 3 new message tags which can be used on automated messages, saved replies, automated reviews, eSign rental agreements and custom tags.

The new tags are:




Watch out for another message tag feature coming soon which will allow you to create your own tags which will provide inputs on all your listings and multi-units. We'll explain more soon!

Arrival and departure time message tags





You can now insert pre-agreed guest arrival and departure times on automated messages, saved, replies, custom tags and the eSign rental agreement.