Add bed type to your Homeaway/VRBO listings


You can now add bed types to your listings which will sync to Homeaway (inc all Homeaway brands, Expedia etc).

Not connected to Homeaway yet?

Learn the benefits of connecting to Homeaway via Uplisting as an official partner.

Show denied Airbnb booking requests in the inbox

We weren't displaying denied Airbnb booking requests on your inbox which meant you may have had an unread message count higher than the visible amount of unread messages. This has now been fixed.

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Ž Accept & reject Airbnb requests directly from your Inbox


Uplisting now supports accepting, rejecting and responding to Airbnb Request to Book reservations. They appear in your inbox and you can use the Booking Request filter to quickly view all requests.

How do requests work?

Accepting or rejecting a request works the same as if you did it directly on Airbnb. When an accepted request is processed successfully on Airbnb, Uplisting will convert the request to a booking automatically.

Rejected requests are removed from your calendar once we receive a successful notification from Airbnb.

โœ‹ Disable automated messages on a booking


By popular request, you can now disable automated messages on each booking. You will still receive guest messages and can send messages manually.

View & edit min length of stay directly on your calendar

You can now view and edit minimum length of stay (MLOS) for each listing directly on your calendar, very quickly and simply.

MLOS is synced to Airbnb, and Homeaway/VRBO (if using our new API/XML integration). Learn more about setting MLOS on Uplisting here.

Additional automated message trigger: 1 week before check-in

We added a new '1 week before check-in' automated message. You can enable this on each listing with bespoke content for each one.


Rolling booking windows for, Homeaway, Airbnb, VRBO & all other connected channels


You can now set booking windows (eg. 3 months) on all connected channels via Uplisting. The booking window you set determines which dates are automatically blocked or available.

How do booking windows work?

If you set a booking window of 6 months, dates beyond those 6 months will be blocked, and dates within those 6 months will be available. The booking window moves forward every day, so as time passes new dates will automatically become available.

๐Ÿงพ Subscription invoices are emailed (not just receipts)

We know this has been a pain for a lot of you in the past. Uplisting will now email you an invoice for each subscription payment.

New listings will appear automatically

When you attempt to connect a listing to a new listing (or room), Uplisting will now retrieve the new listing. In the past, you needed to create a support ticket.

Sync prices from dynamic pricing solutions


You can now enable price syncing from dynamic pricing solutions like Pricelabs, Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing (via Airbnb) directly from the Automate page. Select the Dynamic pricing sync tab.

Enable or disable price syncing per listing and set all newly imported listings to be enabled (or disabled) by default. Always be confident you are syncing the correct prices with your desired markup to both and Homeaway/VRBO.

What if Uplisting is already syncing prices for you?

Assuming you want to sync prices for all your listings (new and old), go to the Dynamic pricing tab and select Enable dynamic price syncing for all new listings.

This will ensure any newly imported listings will have price syncing enabled automatically. Easy!